International Shipping

Because of high shipping rates and the high risk of damaged items, we prefer NOT to ship outside Holland, Belgium or Germany.

The economic value of the goods is likely lower than the international freight rates. Our business is located in the Netherlands, close to the Belgian border. We do ship to Germany however maximum of 10 kilo's otherwise the postal charges exceed the value of the order.

Same for France;

By high demand from 'Dutchies' abroad we have added in 2023 the option to ship to France.

Limited to smaller (and little weight) packages, however with very explicit terms from our side;

Southern Europe is hot. Products can melt during transport. The longer the distance a parcel travels, the longer the risk of damage during transport. We are never responsible for damage upon arrival.

Again because of the high shipping rates, we can only ship maximum 10 Kilos to France per Parcel.

Additional weight means additional charges, simply because this is what it would cost us to ship.

Our webshop does not have the possibilities to specify exact shipping costs upon weight and destination. This means that you can add many items to your shopping list and complete the payment online, showing the regular shipping charges only. However as explained we are limited to the 10 kilos. Once you have placed the order we will contact you in the next few days. We have to calculate what the additional shipping costs will be, based on the volume and/or total weight you have ordered online. You can accept or reject.

We do not ship to Spain, Portugal, Greece, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, UK , American, Canada etc etc.

Reasons mainly as mentioned above.


Self Collector;

You are free to arrange your own International Transport of course. So if it is an option you can collect yourself and we deliver ExWorks. Always after clear communications first and after receipt of the payment.

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